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Top-Quality Re-manufactured Compressors

Compressors Unlimited has been supplying new and re-manufactured compressors since 1985. But our highly trained and qualified professionals have over 120 years of combined experience in the technical and practical field of compressor remanufacturing. Currently, we remanufacture different compressor makes and models for both small- and large-scale air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Our re-manufactured AC compressor line includes Carrier/Carlyle, Copeland, Trane, and York models. Additionally, we are an authorized reseller for Danfoss, Hitachi, Frascold, and Bitzer; we do not remanufacture compressors from these brands.

Although we provide a wide range of factory-new OEM compressors, as well as aftermarket spare parts and accessories, our first priority is to offer our customers high-quality and reliable compressors that are re-manufactured to the latest industry standards and enhanced with new technologies.

As experts in the field, our professionals also apply their technological capabilities in order to provide more affordable compressors, which meet the demand for reliable, efficient operation, versatility, low operating costs, and environmentally friendly cooling and refrigeration solutions.

Reliable Re-manufactured AC and Refrigeration Compressors

At Compressors Unlimited, quality is the most important denominator of everything that we do. Every stage of our remanufacturing and quality control process is reassessed at regular intervals in order to ensure that our remanufacturing operations comply with the latest industry requirements in terms of efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Given the complexity of today’s air conditioning and refrigeration applications, it is imperative that compressor remanufacturers go beyond restoring re-manufactured AC compressor designs to original factory specifications. After all, superior efficiency and competitive performance can be achieved only by upgrading compressors to the current functional specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Since our dedicated professionals are committed to research, development, and remanufacturing excellence, they inspect and measure all of the components in order to ensure full adherence to the latest manufacturers’ specifications and wear tolerances.

The components that don’t meet the same stringent requirements as new production parts are replaced with new items or upgraded to the latest OEM technical specifications and performance standards. Each compressor that we remanufacture undergoes rigorous performance testing in order to ensure that our customers receive high-quality, reliable products.

Considering the significant differences between remanufacturing and rebuilding processes, it is easy to understand why a re-manufactured AC compressor is far superior to a rebuilt AC compressor. To guarantee the quality, performance, and durability of our products, we also provide a 12-month limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The Types of Compressors We Currently Offer Include:

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