The Importance of Refrigerant Leak Detection

Commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems that break down unexpectedly can be a serious emergency. As refrigerant leaks can cause an air conditioning or refrigeration unit to malfunction, according to the Energy Department, having a refrigerant leak detection program in place has become critical.

Ways to Cut Cooling Costs

Building owners and managers are constantly looking for new ways to cut cooling costs. However, one of the most important yet often overlooked elements for energy-efficient operation of air conditioning systems is the compressor.

The Frascold Compressor: What You Need to Know About Vapor Compressors

Frascold is a global leader in the production of reciprocating and screw compressors along with air cooled condensing units for a wide variety of air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Currently, the company provides more than 300 compressor models and advanced technologies that facilitate precise and efficient temperature control in different commercial and industrial cooling applications. […]

Why Choose a Bitzer Compressor for Your Indoor Commercial Freezer

Whether we refer to walk-in freezers, refrigerated display cases, industrial ice machines, reach-in coolers or other commercial refrigeration applications, sizing refrigeration units correctly is imperative to ensure adequate storage temperatures for different groups of products and avoid problems like refrigerators running continuously and eventually freezing up.   In addition to the type of application, size […]

A Remanufactured Commercial AC Compressor Saves Money and the Environment

Nowadays, an increasing number of organizations are endorsing the concept of 3Rs: “reduce, reuse, recycle.” But several independent remanufacturers like Compressors Unlimited have already taken this concept one step further.   At Compressors Unlimited, for instance, our remanufactured AC compressors fit a variety of air-conditioning applications, protect precious resources and eliminate harmful emissions, while saving […]

The Danfoss Compressor: Assessing the Advantages of the Inverter Scroll Technology

In recent years, the cooling loads in residential, commercial and public buildings have grown constantly due to a series of environmental and lifestyle changes. In response, compressor manufacturers have developed new technologies that can meet different cooling demands in a sustainable manner. One such innovation is the inverter scroll compressor, also referred to as variable-speed […]

The Bitzer AC Compressor: Technological Innovation & Customer Focused

With more than 80 years of innovation in air conditioning and refrigeration technologies, the Bitzer Group has become one of the world’s leading providers of cooling and ventilation solutions. Offering a diverse and innovative product range, Bitzer helps businesses and organizations across the world maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels in residential buildings, public institutions, […]

HVAC Compressor Replacement Parts You Can Rely On

The HVAC system is probably the most vital piece of equipment in a commercial, government or industrial facility. However, unexpected HVAC problems resulting from lack of proper maintenance are quite common. In general, compressor failure and the need for HVAC compressor replacement parts is one of the more expensive issues you can experience. When a […]

The Danfoss Compressor: The Inverter Scrolls Models

The Danfoss Group began small in 1933 when Mads Clausen (1905-1966) founded the company. Today, it ranks globally as one of the leading manufacturers of commercial compressors. The Danfoss compressor is a favorite among distributors. At Compressors Unlimited, we want you to discover the benefits of Danfoss’ different models for air conditioning and refrigerating including […]

Issues That Can Lead to Your Commercial HVAC Compressors Failing

Keeping the inside of your commercial building cool is more important than most people realize. Most people don’t appreciate how complex the process is to achieve this outcome. The only way you will be able to accomplish this is with functional refrigeration compressors. Just like any other part of your commercial HVAC unit, eventually, your […]


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