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Carrier 06D Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
06D*109631253.5 PT.8.7
06D*809631253.5 PT.8.7
06D*808631233.5 PT.8.0
06D*013631255.0 PT.13.1
06D*016631255.0 PT.15.9
06D*018631257.0 PT.18.3
06D*316651757.0 PT.15.9
06D*318651757.0 PT.18.3
06D*313651755.0 PT.13.1
06D*718651757.0 PT.18.3
06D*81866.72257.0 PT.18.3
06D*72466.722510.0 PT.23.9
06D*8246825010.0 PT.23.9
06D*22867.525010.0 PT.28.0
06D*3286925010.0 PT.28.0
06D*3376925010.0 PT.37.1
06D*537612.725010.0 PT.37.1

Carrier 06E Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
06E*1501530014.0 PT.50
06E*1662030014.0 PT.66
06E*2502035014.0 PT.50
06E*2662545014.0 PT.66
06E*1652530019.0 PT.68.3
06E*1752530019.0 PT.75.4
06E*2652545019.0 PT.68.3
06E*0993050019.0 PT.99.0
06E*2753550019.0 PT.75.4
06E*2994050019.0 PT.99.0
ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
06LH00925104030.0 PT.92.4
06LH10930108030.0 PT.92.4
06LH20940114530.0 PT.92.4
06LH01440131047.0 PT.138.4
06LH11450141047.0 PT.138.4
06LH21460150047.0 PT.138.4
06LH01850160080.0 PT.184.4
06LH11860184080.0 PT.184.4
06LH21880191080.0 PT.184.4
06LH02875205090.0 PT.276.8
06LH12890214090.0 PT.276.8
06LH228120218090.0 PT.276.8
ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
5F205-103005.0 PT.19
5F307.5-154005.5 PT.29.8
5F407.5-2545012.0 PT.39.8
5F6010-30106013.0 PT.59.6

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Carrier AC Compressor: One of The Best for Over a Century

Widely known for fine-tuned craftsmanship, Carrier founder, Willis Carrier, actually invented the first air conditioner ever used. Today, Compressors Unlimited follows the same well-established customer satisfaction belief as Carrier, in striving to offer the best products out there to our customers, which include the Carrier brand. If we can count on a Carrier AC compressor, we know you can too.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Containment

Carrier products are made with a strict adherence and high level craftsmanship: an attribute we also support in our company. In addition to this, Carrier products are manufactured with respect of the environment in mind. If using environment-friendly products for your business is, like us, a compelling argument for corporate decisions, get in touch with one of our professionals and start a conversation now about the Carrier brand.

Your Needs Matter to Us

We understand your concerns about affordability and making sure your capital is spent wisely. We offer competitive pricing for all of our remanufactured Carrier AC compressors. When you call us, we take into account all of your needs and help you making the right choices accordingly. If you have no idea what products to buy, our professionals can help you learn more about HVAC compressor replacement and guide you every step of the way. We offer skilled advice and only the greatest quality products to satisfy the needs of your equipment.

To find out more, call us at (972)-286-2264 . Our staff is ready to help you find the right Carrier AC compressor for your application.

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