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Copeland 2D nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM

Copeland 3D Nomenclature

ModelModuload VersionHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFH
3DA30500 3DA3A050 3DA3F18K53601051375
3DB3050 3DB3A050 3DB3F22K53601051620
3DA3060 3DA3A060 3DA3F28K3DH3060 3DH3A060 3DH3F28K63601051375
3DA3075 3DA3A075 3DA3R10M3DE3075 3DE3A075 3DE3R10M7.53601051375
3DB3075 3DB3A075 3DB3F33K3DP3075 3DP3075 3DP3F33K7.53601051620
3DF3090 3DF3A090 3DF3090 3DF3A090 3DF3F40K3DK3090 3DK3A090 3DG3090 3DG3A090 3DG3F40K93601051915
3DBS100 3DB3A100 3DB3R12M3DPS100 3DP3A100 3DP3R12M103601051620
3DS3A100 3DS3F46K3DT3A100 3DT3F46K HT103601052120
 3DS3100 3DT3100 3DR3F46K LT 3DR3A100 3DR3100103601052120
3DF31200 3DF3A120 3DF3R15M3DK31200 3DK3A120 3DK3F15M123751051915
3DS3150 3DS3A150 3DS3R17M3DT3150 3DT3A150 3DT3R17M153751052120

Copeland 4D Nomenclature

Model (Standard Version)Model (Unloader Version)Horse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFH
4DA3100 4DA1100 4DA3A100 4DA3R12ME4DE3100 4DE1100 4DE3A100 4DE3R12M104001302380
4DH3150 4DH1150 4DH3A150 4DH3R16M4DK3150 4DK1150 4DK3A150 4DK3R16M154221303020
4DL3150 4DL1150 4DL3A150 4DL3F63K4DP3150 4DP1150 4DP3A150 4DP3F63K154221303020
4DA3200 4DA1200 4DA3A200 4DA3R18M4DE3200 4DE1200 4DE3A200 4DE3R18M204501302380
4DJ3200 4DJ1200 4DJ3A200 4DJ3R19M4DR3200 4DR1200 4DR3A200 4DR3R19M204501303603
4DT32200 4DT12200 4DT3A220 4DT3F76K4DS3220 4DS1220 4DS3A220 4DS3F76K22435 425 425 4251403603
4DB3220 4DB1220 4DB3A220 4DB3R20M4DC3220 4DC1220 4DC3A220 4DC3R20M224251403603
4DH3250 4DH1250 4DH3A250 4DH3R22M4DK3250 4DK3250 4DK3A250 4DK3R22M254351203020
4DJ330 4DJ1300 4DJ3A300 4DJ3R28M4DR3300 4DR1300 4DR3A300 4DK3R28M304501404530

Copeland 6D Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM

Copeland 8D Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM

Copeland 4R Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
4R*100010350144 OZ.
4R*150015350136 OZ.
4R*200020400136 OZ.
4R*250025400152 OZ.
4R*300030450152 OZ.

Copeland 6R Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
6R*100010400184 OZ.
6R*200020400160 OZ.
6R*250025400160 OZ.
6R*300030400160 OZ.
6RT300030400242 OZ.
6R*350035450160 OZ.
6R*400040500242 OZ.


The Copeland AC Compressor: Advanced Cooling Technology

Modern air conditioning systems have revolutionized the way we live. However, combining high-quality air conditioning products with high standards of service has become critical to achieving the ultimate indoor comfort, true energy efficiency, and excellent system performance in different industrial and commercial applications.

Because Copeland AC compressor designs come with a variety of innovative features, which guarantee excellent performance, extended durability, superior efficiency, quiet operation, ease of use, and simple diagnostics, any industrial, public, or commercial facility can rely on them for reliable operation, in full- and part-load air conditioning applications. This is one of the reasons why Compressors Unlimited carries a variety of Copeland AC compressor designs.

Choosing a Remanufactured AC Compressor

If you’re in the market for an AC compressor, Compressors Unlimited provides a full range of brand-new and remanufactured reciprocating compressors from Copeland.

However, we always recommend opting for a remanufactured AC compressor instead of a factory-new unit, when possible. Compared to a new product, a remanufactured compressor utilizes existing or new components, which are upgraded to meet the current industry standards for performance and reliability. This basically means that a remanufactured Copeland AC compressor offers a greener solution, at a significantly lower price, and even more importantly, with no compromise on safety and quality.

As our company strives to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction, we provide much more than dependable remanufactured compressors. As part of our ongoing effort to improve our customer service, we collaborate with all of our customers in order to supply the right remanufactured AC compressor, spare parts, and accessories that meet their unique requirements. Additionally, our remanufactured compressors are covered by a 12-month limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

HVAC Compressor Replacement

HVAC system failure can end up costing you a lot of money. Although a quick fix might seem like the best solution at the time, it’s important to take into account the long-term consequences for your business. One way to make the right decision is to consider all the pros and cons of HVAC emergency repairs.

If specific signs of failure indicate that your HVAC system needs a compressor replacement, our customer support team is here to answer any inquiries you might have and to help you select the exact remanufactured AC compressor you need.

To find out more information about the Copeland AC compressor models we make available, please feel free to call our experienced staff today at 972-286-2264.

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