Hitachi Screw Compressor – Valuable Insights and Amenities

A screw compressor is a mechanism that uses rotary displacement. It is a type of gas compressor that is commonly used to replace piston compressors. At Compressor Unlimited, we stock the best line of compressors on the market. You can count on our solutions to get the job done.

Hitachi Screw Compressor Insights

Screw compressor are sometimes referred to as rotary screw compressors. It is a gas unit that forces air into a sealed chamber with the help of two, opposing, threaded screws. These screws (rotors) allow air to travel as they spin within their chamber. Gas becomes compressed as it is pushed through the thread. Your choice will of course depend on the intended application.

Types of Screw Compressors

1. The first type is a rotary screw compressor. It does not utilize a lubricated seal in any chambers.
2. The second type of rotary compressor is an oil-flooded unit. Its chamber is completely filled with lubricating oil. The oil serves as the dividing element between two opposing rotors.

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