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Trane 2F Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
2F5-381552513.5 PT.35.6
2F5-482070018.0 PT.47.5
2F5-582578019.0 PT.59.4
2F5-683082019.0 PT.71.4
2F5-884091020.0 PT.95.0

Trane 2E Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
2E5-485010029.0 PT.115.5
2E5-5860108031.0 PT.144.5
2E5-6875112031.0 PT.173.3
2E5-88100122033.0 PT.231.0

Trane CRHM Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
CRHM-1001035011.0 PT.38.29
CRHM-1301335011.0 PT.51.05
CRHM-1501535011.0 PT.38.29
CRHM-1601640011.0 PT.46.06
CRHM-1701645013.0 PT.63.82
CRHM-1901945013.0 PT.76.58
CRHM-2002045011.0 PT.51.05
CRHM-2502545013.0 PT.63.82
CRHM-3003045013.0 PT.76.58



Trane CRHR Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
CRHR-4004081520.0 PT.102.08
CRHR-5005095027.0 PT.128.19
CRHR-6006097727.0 PT.153.12

Trane 2B Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
2B514155.0 QT.
2B516255.0 QT.
2B518305.0 QT.

Trane 2A Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
2A5144010.0 QT.
2A5166010.0 QT.
2A5187510.0 QT.

Trane 3F Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
3F5-3010-1539013.5 PT.
3F5-4015-2040018.0 PT.
3F5-5015-2050019.0 PT.
3F5-6020-3054019.0 PT.
3F5-8030-4056020.5 PT.

Trane 3E Nomenclature

ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
3E5-4030-5090029.0 PT.
3E5-5040-60104031.0 PT.
3E5-6050-75104031.0 PT.
3E5-8060-100112031.0 PT.

Get a Dependable Trane AC Compressor from Compressors Unlimited

Cooling & refrigeration systems: something so many forget about, and yet so important to almost every single business office out there. Most people only start hearing about these systems when they fail: so now what? Our specialists are here to help you learn more about the parts you need, like our Trane AC compressors, to make sure your system runs smoothly without fail.

Do You Need a Trane Screw Compressor?

If your refrigeration system requires a semi-hermetic, open drive or a screw compressor, you can rest assured that we have a wide stock of Trane products available for affordable prices. No matter what your system needs, we can help you get it; and do so without digging into your overhead and profits. Our professionals work to make your choices easy by providing you with purchasing information that is easily understandable will allow you to make the best decision.

Your Best Option for Trane Remanufactured Compressors

We can provide you with high-quality Trane refrigeration compressors for any application. We remanufacture our compressors to exacting standards so you can count on long-lasting and reliable service. We offer great products at competitive prices including:

  • Screw compressors
  • Semi-hermetic compressors
  • Open drive compressors
  • Trane Helirotor compressor

We specialize in remanufactured AC compressors and have the experience to back up our guarantee to you for exceptional craftsmanship.

HVAC Compressor Replacement: Time is Money

Your comfort and the condition of your products sometimes depends heavily on your HVAC system running smoothly. Therefore, when your facilities heating and cooling system experiences issues, you run the risk of disrupting your staff’s productivity and/or possible to damage your product inventory, either of which can negatively impact your bottom line. If you are dealing with an HVAC system issue, calling our professionals can help you get back to business quickly and minimize your costs.

Dedicated HVAC System? We Handle It All.

If your HVAC system is one designed to condition outdoor air before being circulated into your heating and cooling unit, you have a dedicated air system. No worries: at Compressors Unlimited, we can work with almost any system out there, providing Trane AC compressor no matter your needs. Call us at (972)-286-2264 to discover more about how we can help you get back to business.

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