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York JS Nomenclature


ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
JS433013603 GAL.143.2
JS537014803.5 GAL.167.8
JS638514803.5 GAL.201.3
JS8312016403.5 GAL.277.4

York JG Nomenclature


ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
JG433013603 GAL.143
JG443013603 GAL.143
JG638514803 GAL.201
JG648514803 GAL.201
JG8312016403 GAL.278
JG8412016403 GAL.278

York SS Nomenclature


ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
SS42B207 PT.52
SS42C207 PT.52
SS62B307 PT.78
SS62C307 PT.78
SS82B407 PT.104
SS82C407 PT.104

York Z Nomenclature


ModelHorse PowerWeightOil ChargeCFM
Z4H7201.75 GAL.56.03
Z4J7401.75 GAL.54.45
Z4K7801.75 GAL.70.03
Z4M8001.75 GAL.80.56
Z6N8601.75 GAL.84.04
Z6R9201.75 GAL.96.67
Z6S9401.75 GAL.105.05
Z6W9601.75 GAL.120.84
Z6AE9601.75 GAL.141.21


Why Should You Choose a York AC Compressor?

York manufactures a diverse line of AC compressor designs that are not only reliable, efficient, and innovative but have also become some of the industry’s best-selling products. Currently, many organizations rely on York compressors, particularly for their proven track record of efficiency, reliability, safety, and durability.

From small commercial spaces to industrial facilities, there is a York AC compressor for virtually any application. What’s more, independent remanufacturers, like Compressors Unlimited, offer a wide range of remanufactured York compressors at a competitive price.

If You Are Looking for York Compressors…

At Compressors Unlimited, we always deliver on our promise. By simply opting for one of our remanufactured York compressors, you can avoid costly repairs and, more importantly, get back to your operations right away, knowing that a team of reliable professionals will do everything they can to accommodate your delivery requirements.

To ensure on-time order fulfillment, as well as a quick response to emergency repair requests, Compressors Unlimited keeps various ready-to-ship remanufactured compressor models from York, Trane, Copeland, and Carrier/Carlyle and new compressors from Bitzer, Danfoss, Frascold, and Hitachi. We also hold sufficient stocks of parts and accessories, so we are able to remanufacture compressors and turn around orders for different non-stocked compressors in a reasonably short time frame.

Our Remanufactured York Compressors

Every York AC compressor that we remanufacture complies with the current OEM engineering and technical specifications, as well as today’s energy and environmental standards.

A remanufactured York AC compressor is not just less expensive than a new compressor. It is also a greener product, which includes new parts and used but perfectly functioning components that otherwise would have been discarded as scrap and ended up in a landfill. All the recycled components that we use in our remanufactured York compressors are upgraded to the latest OEM specifications.

And because we trust our remanufacturing operations and quality control procedures, all of our remanufactured compressors carry a standard 12 month limited warranty.

Your AC Compressor Needs Are Our Specialty

If you’re looking for a York AC compressor but don’t know where to start, please feel free to browse our inventory of remanufactured York compressors. If you need expert advice, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional staff at 972-286-2264. As our experience in the compressor remanufacturing industry stretches back to 1985, our employees can help you find the exact remanufactured York AC compressor you need for your system.

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