Shipping Information

COMPRESSORS UNLIMITED has established ongoing relationships with many different carriers. Over the years, the following companies have best demonstrated their ability to safely deliver our shipments in a timely manner and at a competitive price. When available, freight links have been provided to assist our customers in determining the transit times between our office (zip code 75253) and the shipment destination.

Domestic Shipping

GREEN = Next day • BLUE = 2nd day • GOLD = 3rd day • BROWN = 4th day • TAN = 5th day

Domestic Shipping Time chart. Approximate shipping times are - Texas: Next day shipping. Southeast & Central US: Two day shipping. Northeast, Central US: Three Day, Rest of US and Canada: Four Day

International Shipping

For international shipping please contact us at [email protected]

US FAX: 972-286-5545 US PHONE: 972-286-2264

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