There has always been some confusion in our industry about the differences between “remanufactured” and “rebuilt” compressors. Many think that a remanufactured compressor contains all new parts however, it is not as clear as that. Both the independent remanufacturer, such as Compressors Unlimited Intl., L.L.C. and the factory authorized remanufacturer for Carrier, Copeland, Trane, York, Danfoss, Bitzer, Frick and Hitachi use some new and some recycled parts. A small tag can be found on most Carrier/Carlyle compressors that states “This compressor may contain “recycled” parts in an effort to save energy and natural resources”. The use of recycled parts for the production of a new product is not uncommon. In fact, most transactions that require the customer to return their defective part can be used as an example of a company that uses some recycled parts in their new finished product. Any company that chooses to use a recycled part in their new product should accept the responsibility of ensuring those parts meet or exceed all OEM tolerances. Compressors Unlimited Intl., L.L.C. proudly accepts this responsibility and backs up our commitment with our 12 month limited warranty statement.

When a compressor core is scheduled for production at Compressors Unlimited Intl., LLC the following steps are taken:

    1. The oil is drained and properly disposed.
    2. The compressor is disassembled down to the bare casting.
    3. All bearings, inserts, seals, rings, o-rings and valves are properly discarded and replaced with new parts.
    4. The compressor casting is checked for defects including scoured cylinder walls.
    5. The crankshaft, pistons, rods and liners are cleaned and checked to ensure they meet tolerances. If a part does not meet tolerances it is properly discarded and replaced with a new part.
    6. The valve plates are striped of all parts and reground to tolerances. All valve plates are reassembled with new reeds and springs.
    7. The stator is cleaned and tested on a phase comparison tester to test phase to phase and phase to ground resistance. If a new stator is required it is produced in-house using guidelines and materials that meet or exceed original product specifications.
    8. The compressor is reassembled with all bolts torqued to specifications.
    9. Immediately after assembly the compressor is sealed with blank-off plates, charged with nitrogen and leak tested by total immersion in a clear liquid. The assembling mechanic corrects any leaks that might be discovered during the leak test.
    10. After passing the leak test the compressor receives a new oil charge and is tested to assure proper unloading, oil pressure, amp readings and pump-down capabilities. This information is recorded and filed with all additional production history of that unit after a serial number has been assigned.
    11. Compressors Unlimited Intl., L.L.C. uses product information that we have available to determine proper tolerances, torques and operating specifications for each compressor. When necessary, Compressors Unlimited Intl., LLC will work closely with the factory or factory authorized distributor to ensure our customers receive the exact requested product.

The management and employees of Compressors Unlimited Intl., LLC take pride in offering our customers a quality remanufactured replacement compressor rather than a rebuilt compressor where only the obvious defective parts are simply replaced. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or details on our remanufacturing process at (972) 286-2264.

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