Remanufactured CompressorsCOMPRESSORS UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL, LLC was started in 1985 as a division of A/C Equipment Unlimited, Inc., located in Dallas, Texas. Their compressor division began with modest sales of $25,000.00 in the first year of operation. The company has since established itself as a major competitor in the HVAC/R industry with annual sales into the millions. On February 27, 1997, a small group of employees purchased that division, now known to many of you as Compressors Unlimited.

Compressors Unlimited International, LLC specializes in remanufacturing replacement compressors used in larger air conditioning and refrigeration units. These units include brand names such as Trane®, Carrier®,Copeland®, and York®, just to name a few.

Our personnel share a common objective–to provide you, our clients, with a product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. And we are working hard every day to do exactly that.

Successful air conditioning and refrigeration compressor remanufacturing is a specialty. To assure a product of the highest quality the entire process demands strict quality control and inspection procedures during each stage of assembly. Our remanufactured compressors are as good as new, a fact supported by our Limited Warranty Statement. Incidentally, our warranty is the same as many O.E.M.’s.

Compressors Unlimited International, LLC remanufactures and maintains a large inventory of semi-hermetic compressors in stock at all times. Our remanufacturing process covers over 50 different operations performed by experienced employees trained in receiving, tear down, cleaning, subassembly, assembly, and testing of the final product. Shipping from our Dallas facility is excellent. Within the U.S., we can often respond to an order overnight! International orders reach their final destination within days of completing the customs process.

Remanufactured CompressorsWe can remanufacture a customer’s defective compressor and have it back in place, fully operational, in a short turnaround time. Compressor down-time equals loss of business. That’s why fast service is our priority. Our large inventory of products allows us to fulfill most orders within hours of first . The remanufactured compressor is ready for installation as soon as the defective compressor is removed. We accept the defective compressor in exchange, provided that the body is not cracked and can be remanufactured.

With a large variety of Trane®, Carrier®, York® and Copeland® parts in stock at all times, Compressors Unlimited International, LLC, can supply virtually any HVAC part . If we happen to be out of a particular part, we can usually have the part to you the next business day.

“We are committed to quality, both in the product we sell and in the work we provide. Remanufacturing compressors to exact, original factory specifications is our business. All original product specifications are met to the letter in order to maintain our standards of remanufacturing excellence. All compressor cylinders, liners, main bearings, crankshaft and rod journals are inspected to confirm that they adhere to original product specifications and wear tolerances.”

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